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Climate Fatigue: Earth Hour May Be Losing Steam As Novelty Wears Off

More Canadian municipalities are pledging to power down Saturday for Earth Hour, but an expert says interest in the event may already be fizzling.

Earth Hour has “done a great job of capturing the imagination of an awful lot of people around the world” to raise awareness of climate change issues, said Mark Sarner, who specializes in marketing for non-profits.

But “just more of the same gets old fast,” he said Friday, noting most marketing campaigns will fade after a few years without something new to draw the public’s attention.

“If I think back to last year’s Earth Hour, I don’t think it was as big a deal because, you know, novelty normalizes and this is no longer a novelty,” he said.

“Unless something really dramatic is done to recreate it and reinvent it, I don’t think Earth Hour will be a significant thing in the next five years.”

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