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Climate Hysteria Costs Labor Australian Elections

The Australian

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has retained power in the Australian election while Labor’s election strategy to make climate alarmism the key issue has backfired.

Climate Hysteria Costs Labor Party ‘unlosable’ Elections
The Australian, 18 May 2019

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has retained power in the Australian election.

Bill Shorten’s Labor Party will finish behind Scott Morrison’s Coalition and the Prime Minister still has a path to a majority government.

In counting to date, the Coalition holds 74 seats to Labor’s 67 seats, while the crossbench looks set to contain six members. It is ahead in three seats which are too close to call. If these leads hold, it could win a bare majority in the 151-seat House of Representatives.

Labor failed to make the gains it expected due largely to a poor primary vote of just 33.92 per cent, which was 1.59 per cent below its primary vote at the last election.

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Renew Economy, 16 May 2019

Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten has referred to climate change as an “emergency,” in his final formal pitch to voters ahead of Saturday’s federal election.

“if you vote Labor we will deliver the change that the nation deserves from day one,” the Opposition Leader said in his speech at Bowman Hall in Blacktown, New South Wales, on Thursday.

“We will convene Parliament to prioritise real action on climate change… I promise that we will send a message to the world, that when it comes to climate change Australia is back in the fight!,” he said.

“It is not the Australian way to avoid and duck the hard fights. We will take this emergency seriously, and we will not just leave it to other countries or to the next generation.

“We are up for real action on climate change now if we get elected on Saturday.” ….

Australian Prime Minister Morrison Claims Victory In Historic Upset

CNN, 18 May 2019 Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison has claimed victory in the 2019 election, with results showing the Liberal National coalition is on track to be returned to government. “I have always believed in miracles,” he told jubilant supporters in Sydney. “And tonight we’ve been delivered another one.” It was a stunning turnaround after every opinion poll over the campaign pointed to a Labor victory. Analysts are now saying Labor lost an “unlosable” election.

Labor was ahead in the polls for years when its leader caved to radical climate activists and made a ‘climate emergency’ top priority of the ‘unlosable’ election; source Wikipedia 

Australians Vote In First ‘Climate Election’

AFP, 18 May 2019

Australians flocked to the polls Saturday capping a bitterly fought election that may be the first anywhere decided by climate policy.

Between 16 and 17 million people are expected to vote across the vast island-continent, with the centre-left Labor party tipped for victory after six years in opposition.

Casting his ballot in Melbourne, would-be prime minister Bill Shorten was bullish about forming a majority government after a final poll showed his lead increasing.

“Today is the people’s day,” he said. “Be it buying a ‘democracy sausage’, the kids having a bit of a sugar cake or what have you, and voting.”

“In the event that the people of Australia voted to stop the chaos and voted for action on climate change, we will be ready to hit the ground from tomorrow.”

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John Howard: Australians Have Rejected Labor’s Radical Climate Policies

The Australian, 18 May 2019

Former Liberal Prime Minister John Howard said the election result showed Australians rejecting Bill Shorten’s “class warfare” tactics and his “radical” action on climate change.

Mr Howard also said that there was “no doubt” that Labor’s prevarication over the Adani coal mine in Queensland had a major effect in the sunshine state.

“It’s a message to the nation, that — yes — sensible action on climate change is desirable. But radical action which destroys jobs, ruins industries and denies the people in less fortunate countries access to energy is something that the Australian people will reject.”

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