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Climate Hysteria: Welcome To The Dark Ages

Pierre Gosselin, No Tricks Zone blog

Extreme weather events being taken as signs for the coming end unless sinful ways are repented is as old as civilization. Today’s climate panic is merely just the latest relapse to a very old mental disorder that has afflicted mankind for thousands of years. The only antidote is reason and knowledge.

Taschen Publishing

Hail storm in Dordrecht, Holland, May 17, 1552. Image: Taschen Verlag,

Fire in the sky, torrential rains, droughts and Biblical floods – all supposedly brought on by the sins and wickedness of man. Is it really a surprise we are hearing it all once again today?

The online Spiegel today has a report on a new book titled The Book of Miracles which presents and examines a collection of 16th century depictions of celestial phenomena and portentous signs. They were recently discovered as part of a collection of 169 illustrations created in Augsburg, Germany around 1552. End-of-world visions, it turns out, are a human mental disorder that have been around for as long as civilization itself.

The images were created as Europe was in the grips of the Little ice Age, a time of bad weather, bitter cold, storms and crop failures, starvation and human misery. The 16th century depictions reveal images of a civilization obsessed with the end-of-the-world. Priests and elitists of the time conducted terrifying witch hunts to find those allegedly responsible for the black magic that cooked up the extreme weather.

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