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Climate Hysteria On Stilts: Labour Council Bans Meat

Gaia Fawkes

An eco-warrior administration at Enfield Council is set to become the first elected body in the UK to ban meat in an attempt to tackle climate change.

Buried on page 36 of their “Enfield climate action plan 2020” it is spelt out that from December 2020 onwards, “all events held by Enfield Council where catering is provided [will] offer only vegan or vegetarian options”. Guido will be sure to turn down any Enfield Council soirée invitations in future…

The new plan, written by the Labour council’s Deputy Leader Ian Barnes, clearly took inspiration from some hard left universities like Goldsmith’s, who are currently the only public bodies to have implemented such authoritarian policies. Guido understands the council gave minor lip service to taking public views on the plan, holding a consultation for less than a month in the middle of the Coronavirus lockdown. The council cabinet agreed to the plan on 15th July…

Mo Metcalf-Fisher of the Countryside Alliance is unimpressed with the move, telling Guido:

“It’s telling that those behind this illogical proposal have sought to bury what they know will be an incredibly unpopular policy deep within a lengthy document. Banning meat is completely the wrong approach and demonstrates no understanding of how meat in this country is produced, which thanks to UK farming practices, is among the most sustainable in the world.

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