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Crude corrections hide unrealistic physics.

The world’s climate policies are based on climate models – computer simulations of the atmosphere – that are thoroughly flawed. That’s the conclusion of a new paper published by Net Zero Watch.

The paper, by US climate writer Willis Eschenbach, describes the results of a review of the computer code inside NASA’s Model E climate simulation. It shows that, far from being based on basic physics, in many places the model incorporates crude corrections to make the output look vaguely reasonable.

Eschenbach says:

It’s clear that in many places the physics in the computer code is simply wrong and gives ludicrous output. But instead of fixing it, NASA scientists have simply put crude corrections to hide the problem. This destroys the credibility of NASA’s predictions.”

Andrew Montford, Net Zero Watch director said:

We know from the Covid debacle that computer models are no basis for public policy. It would be a pity if politicians refuse to learn that lesson and allow further damage to be inflicted on the public.” 

Eschenbach’s paper is available for download here.