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UN Climate Summit: China And India Introduce Last Minute Changes And Succeed

Bloomberg News

Update: China and India succeeded in changing the draft agreement despite ‘red lines’ by EU and the US.

China and India said they want to see revisions to one of the key texts outlining the conclusions of the United Nations climate talks, a move that threatens to unravel an agreement at the conference in Warsaw.

Envoys from the two countries rejected the use of the word “commitments” to greenhouse gas emissions limits without distinguishing between rich and poor nations. They also sought a specific promise from industrial countries on how they will reach a pledge to boost climate aid to $100 billion a year by 2020, saying $70 billion by 2016 would be appropriate.

“The text in general lacks balance,” Su Wei, chief negotiator for China at the talks, told delegates in the Polish capital today. “We had serious concerns about the word commitment. There are also other serious flaws in the text.”

Their suggestions crossed red lines set out by the U.S. and European Union and added to a log-jam at the meeting involving about 190 nations. The two weeks of discussions that were due to finish yesterday bogged down with a rift about who is to blame for damaging the Earth’s atmosphere and who should move first to fix it.

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