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Climate Summit Draft Document Still “Bewildering”

The American Interest

Ah, the wages of the UN treaty process: The current text of the climate change accord being negotiated by ministers of 200 countries ahead of December’s much-anticipated Paris summit is a “bewildering” 85 pages of various options and special pleadings, according to sources.

Reuters reports:

The message from this week’s two-day gathering in Paris of around 40 countries’ delegations, including 26 with ministers, and an earlier meeting of the world’s major economies was that the negotiating text should be short – around 40 pages – and ambitious, de Brum said. […]

The co-chairs will find it hard to chop the text by half, as they have no mandate to weed out options.

Negotiators are hard at work to cut the document down, but are finding it difficult to do so. A climate change consultant is quoted in Reuters as saying, “the co-chairs have a very delicate balance to keep—they can’t cut large swathes of the text because they don’t want to alienate countries, but we do need manageable options for ministers to choose from.”

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