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Climatistas Can’t Keep Their Story Straight

Steven Hayward, Power Line

Or maybe I should call this series “Scenes from the 97 Percent.” Because settled science! No sooner do I note that one expert writes in the New York Times yesterday that planting trees might be the wrong thing to do than a sharp-eyed Power Line reader points us to a feature in today’s Washington Post that Trees Offer a Way to Delay the Consequences of Climate Change.”

Didn’t the editorial desks get the memo: “97 Percent! Consensus!”

Here’s the Times hed yesterday:

NYT Trees copy

And here’s the Post hed today:

Post Trees 2 copy

Turns out the article is co-authored by historian Joseph Ellis. I hadn’t realized his expertise extended to climate science as well as the founders. The numbers the article cites for deforestation rates around the world are very likely wrong, but never mind for now.  Just glad to know we’ve got this whole matter settled.  Like the rest of climate science.

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