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CERN Researchers: The Sun Could Play A Bigger Role Than First Thought

Which role do clouds play in all this? ‘Cloud’ has found the first preliminary answers to that. The sun could play a bigger role than first thought. “Could!”, emphasizes Kirkby und Curtius.

Here is a sampling of the media reaction coming from Germany on CERN’s cosmic ray cloud seeding experiment.

Normally the German mainstream media is quick to report on new scientific developments, especially anything indicating catastrophic global warming. But this time they have been slow and cautious.

FOCUS magazine online starts with:

Climate skeptics doubt that man-made greenhouse gases are to blame for global warming. A new study appears to confirm their claims.”

FOCUS, in its comprehensive 6-part piece, goes on to concede that the questions behind the causes of global warming are far from being answered. FOCUS tries to play down the CERN results, and so resorts to quoting 2 hardline warmists, Jochem Marotzke, Director of the Hamburg Max Planck Institute for Meteorology and Stefan Rahmstorf of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (2 institutes that would be pretty much be out of business if the cosmic ray theory proved right).

‘The mechanism is plausible, but it is not quantitatively enough to explain the observed warming’, assessed Jochem Marotzke. Stefan Rahmstorf completely threw out the the idea recently: ‘Cosmic rays have been measured since 1953; they show no increasing or decreasing trend analog to solar brightness. Without such a trend, one can also explain no change in cloud cover,’ he insists.”

Die Welt writes:

And: Which role do clouds play in all this?  ‘Cloud’ has found the first preliminary answers to that. The sun could play a bigger role than first thought. “Could!”, emphasizes Kirkby und Curtius.

Actually Danish scientist Henrik Svensmark found the preliminary answers, and CLOUD simply added a huge dose of confirmation. And funny how Die Welt in the past never emphasized the word “could” in its numerous articles on kook warmist scenarios, but is quick to do so here.

Die Welt also quotes Kirby who compares two charts: one of temperature vs solar activity and Mann’s hockey stick chart. Die Welt writes:

‘Look here’, he said ‘at how striking the correlation between solar activity and global temperature has been over the last 1000 years.’  In comparison another chart stands right next to it, the famous ‘Hockey Stick Chart’, which suggests that there was hardly any climate fluctuation over the last 1000 years and that a sharp rise began only 150 years ago. That would mean: Only man drives the climate, and the sun not. “It turned out to be false”, he [Kirby] said.”

Indeed Mann’s view of the past 1000 years is looking more and more like a fairy tale of epic proportions. Die Welt did find space to mention Svensmark:

Also Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark is working on the interaction between solar activity and climate change. ‘Although our experiments were not very complex, we had similar results three months ago’.”

Yes, Svensmark produced good data – on a shoestring budget. Compare his cost-effectiveness to the countless tens of billions of dollars wasted on the loads of useless junk science produced by warmists. A few million dollars are proving the $100+ billion wrong.

Finally Die Welt writes about the chief of CERN and his controversial request of last July of ”not to interpret the results”.

Curtius denies having received such a request. ‘Of course we have to interpret our results’, he said, “otherwise other people will do it’.”