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Cool Britannia: Central England Temperature Back To 1980s Levels

Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

The Central England Temperature numbers for 2013 are now issued. Last year was the second coldest since 1996, second only to 2010. It has not been as low as this since 1990.

Figure 1 gives annual means since 1980, with the 1981-2010 average. Figure 2 shows the 5-Year running average.



Figure 1


Figure 2


* Three of the last four years have been the coldest since 1996.

* The 5-Year running average has been falling steadily since 2006, and now stands at 9.78C. It has not been as low as this since 1990.

* CET in 2013 was 9.56C and was only the 55th warmest since 1900.

* Last year was also the 107th warmest on the full CET record, going back to 1659, tying with 1900.

* The full Met Office data for the UK is not out yet, but it looks certain that the UK as a whole will follow the same pattern.

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