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Councils Forced To Reverse Street Closures After Backlash To Govt’s ‘Green’ Anti-Car Scheme

The Sunday Telegraph

Councils have been forced to perform a humiliating U-turn on Grant Shapps’ green roads policy, after residents across the country revolted against the street closures.

The Transport Secretary unveiled a £250 million scheme this summer which gave local authorities extra powers to close roads to cars and expand cycle lanes without running consultations.

But “furious” residents from Brighton to Edinburgh protested against the “stupid” changes, saying it has led to increased congestion, impacted local businesses, and created problems for emergency service vehicles.

The growing backlash has this week led to numerous councils reversing the road closures, including Harrow in north west London, which abandoned proposals for four low-traffic neighbourhoods.

One councillor said the plans amounted to “using a sledgehammer to crack a nut” and that there were fears the lanes would cause “absolute chaos” when schools reopen in September.

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