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Crank Of The Week: The Green Ninja

Doug Hoffman, The Resilient Earth

Those of you who thought that the battle over anthropogenic global warming would be won or lost based on scientific evidence think again. A group of faculty and students at San Juan State University has conspired to bring us The Green Ninja. What, you might ask, is the Green Ninja? It is an animated climate-action superhero aimed squarely at school children. In other words, mind poisoning climate alarmist propaganda meant to indoctrinate children into the green belief system. What’s worse, it is being funded by US government grant money. Not since communism has such a concerted effort been made to brainwash the young before they have a chance to learn how to think for themselves. Moreover, the conspiracy is international with an Australian film festival awarding “Green Ninja: Footprint Renovation” its Grand Prize.

Who could have guessed that SJSU has a groundbreaking, interdisciplinary course of study in propaganda and disinformation. But it is true, and it is being funded by taxpayer money. Here is the writeup that appeared in the SJSU Today news letter:

When international experts gathered Nov. 14-15 for a 24-hour online climate change symposium, SJSU’s Eugene Cordero was invited to take a seat at the table.

The professor of meteorology and climate science appeared on four hour-long segments of “24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report.”

That included Hour 20, with former Vice President AL Gore and Virgin Group Founder and Chairman Richard Branson.

Cordero scored a second major victory recently: A video featuring his Green Ninja climate-action superhero received the people’s choice award at an international film festival.

Reportedly, The Green Screen Climate Fix Flicks award included a $5,000 cash prize, which Cordero will use for students and faculty launching a Green Ninja web series. Nothing like getting a little monetary reinforcement from the international guild of tree-huggers. The winning piece of animated drivel can be seen on the official Green Ninja site or by clicking here. It is about a man whose feet become gigantic because of the large carbon footprint of his home.

The Green Ninja Team consists of faculty, staff and students from all across San Jose State University working together to bring creative and effective messages and tools to inspire climate change literacy. If that was all the project amounted to things would be fine, but there are bigger players in this little drama. The project has received a $390,000 grant from NASA to support professional development for teachers, and $20,000 from PG&E to pilot an energy reduction contest for Santa Clara County middle schoolers (PG&E is pushing energy conservation).

“Not only do we try to provide the education, we are also trying to provide them with the tools to do something about it,” said Associate Professor of Meteorology and Climate Science Eugene Cordero.

Now don’t get us wrong. We here at The Resilient Earth are all for water conservation, saving energy and eating a balanced diet, but the flick ties together a potpourri of lefty ideas with no explanation as to why they are good. It mixes conservation with recycling and eating healthy foods. Throw in some (sponsored?) product placements for LED light bulbs, heat-pumps and water filters for your sink and you have to wonder what kind of message is being presented. Will all of these things really make your feet swell?

Its not that any of those things, in and of themselves, are bad. But why mung them all together in a format aimed at children? And why a ninja? Don’t these college educated eco-wankers realize that ninja’s were assassins for hire in feudal Japan? Ninja specialties included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, just the kind of role-model we want to hold up for our children. I guess if it is for a green cause a little assassination is OK. Face it, this is the green equivalent of Joe The Camel.

Proving that fascist thought control is still a popular idea with control freaks around the world, the Green Ninja has gone international. “Our goal is to create an internationally recognizable character,” said David Chai, an assistant professor in animation and illustration. And the Green Ninja is not alone: There is the Green Ninja’s archenemy, Carbon Ninja, and plastic man, coal man and junky corporate man. After all, what good is a superhero without some super bad guys to villainize?

The five colleges on the Green Ninja team are Science, Engineering, Education, Social Sciences, and Humanities and the Arts. The College of Education is developing lesson plans while the computer engineering and computer science departments are developing an iPhone application that will “keep people off the sidelines and get them engaged in developing solutions to climate change,” Cordero said.

And there are more films to come. The animation/illustration program and TV, radio, film and theater department are working on a new Green Ninja video due out this spring. Reportedly 30 students are involved with the production. So, in honor of all the SJSU’s green propagandists, this Crank of the Week goes to The Green Ninja—fighting to replace reason with blind faith in the minds of all the world’s children.

The Resilient Earth, 6 December 2012