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Critics Call Out The ‘Socialist Demands’ For World Government In The Latest Global Warming Scare

Michael Bastasch, The Daily Caller

While scientists and environmentalists debate when global warming may turn Earth into a “hothouse,” conservatives and other experts were skeptical of renewed warnings of a “tipping point.”

Why? Because scientists warning of “hothouse Earth” veered from presenting a scientific case (a dubious one) for alarmism into political activism.

The “hothouse Earth” paper that’s made waves in the media calls for a “deep transformation based on a fundamental reorientation of human values, equity, behavior, institutions, economies, and technologies.” Many conservatives took that to mean global government and socialism.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance co-founder Michael Liebreich, who’s not a skeptic of man-made warming, called the paper “a crock,” adding “as a conservative I can’t be bothered to read it.”

When challenged, Liebrich doubled down, quoting directly from the paper that called for “collective human action” on global warming.

The paper Liebrich is referring to was published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. A group of scientists warned of a global warming tipping point at 2 degrees Celsius — the goal of the Paris agreement. The authors call for “fundamental societal changes” to human society while generating alarming media headlines.

Even liberal environmental writer Eric Holthaus tweeted the “hothouse” paper had “some @DemSocialists shit,” referring to the Democratic Socialist of America political party.

The Global Warming Policy Forum, the [campaigning] arm of a U.K.-based think tank co-founded by former conservative [Chancellor] Nigel Lawson, blasted the “socialist agenda of climate alarmism.”

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