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The [Czech] government is currently weighing a draft amendment that would further limit the solar industry.

Following recent reports that electricity prices in the country could go up significantly to pay for government solar subsidies, a number of government measures are in the works that would reign in the solar industry while meeting goals to produce 13 percent of energy from renewable resources by 2020.

The National Action Plan (NAP), passed in draft form last Wednesday by the Cabinet, would set output limits for renewable energy sources. Once the caps are exceeded, further renewable energy plants would be ineligible for subsidies.

In addition to the NAP, the Environment Ministry recently proposed to raise the fee misusing potentially arable land sixfold. Although the Environment Ministry told The Prague Post in an e-mail the change was to protect agricultural land from overdevelopment in general, not just from the use for solar companies, the measure would de facto discourage solar companies from buying large tracts of land to install solar panels.

The two measures come on the heels of forecasts that electricity bills next year are expected to grow around 10 percent to 20 percent for households, and 30 percent for businesses, the result of the government’s growing bill for paying out subsidies to renewable energy plants.

Eva Nováková, a spokeswoman for ČEZ, said the NAP would allow the renewable energy market to stabilize. Currently, she said, the solar boom has forced ČEZ to pay an additional 2 billion Kč for electricity from solar plants, as mandated by the government.

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