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Czech President Vaclav Klaus Warns Of Threat To Freedom

Czech President Vaclav Klaus, now on a working visit to the USA, today warned of the threat to freedom and prosperity by environmentalists who are trying to dominate people and stop economic growth under the excuse of the protection of nature and climate.

“Environmentalism and its most extreme version, global warming alarmism, asks for an almost unprecedented expansion of government intrusion and intervention into our lives and of government control over us,” Klaus said in a speech he delivered to the conservative Club for Growth.

“Environmentalism also wants to suppress economic growth, reduce prosperity and hinder human progress,” he added.

“The environmentalists ask for substantial reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. When it happens – with our current technologies – it will substantially increase the costs of energy for everyone because it would imply restrictions on the use of oil and coal, which are no doubt much cheaper than all alternative energy sources,” Klaus said.

“When energy prices go up, the costs of nearly all other goods and services go up as well. All carbon taxes, cap-and-trade schemes and wind and solar power subsidies are steps in the wrong direction, leading to a severe and protracted economic hardship for little or no benefit,” he added.

“There are plenty of arguments suggesting that the real threat for human society is not global warming itself. The real threat comes when politicians start manipulating the climate and all of us,” Klaus said.

“Politicians, their bureaucrats as well as many well-meaning individuals who accept the alarmist view of anthropogenic climate change probably hope that – by doing so – they are displaying intelligence, virtue and altruism. Some of them even believe they are saving the Earth. We should tell them that they are merely passive players in the hands of lobbyists, of producers of green technologies, of agrobusiness firms producing ethanol, of trading firms dealing in carbon emission rights, etc., who hope to make billions at our costs. There is no altruism there. It is a political and business cold-hearted calculation, he added.

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