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Daily Mail Calls On Ministers To Lower Green Energy Tax Burden

The Daily Mail urges ministers to do what they can to ease the corrosive effects of inflation by halting their politically correct obsession with green energy taxes.

Yesterday brought one piece of depressingly bad news after another for the millions of Britons struggling to juggle their family budgets in these grim economic times.

Inflation, fuelled by sharp increases in the cost of fuel and food, hit 4.4 per cent and is expected to climb to a hugely painful 5 per cent within months.

Pensioners and other savers, stung by historically low interest rates, are having their nest eggs decimated.

As energy bills rocket – Npower pushed up gas charges by an eye-watering 15.7 per cent yesterday, following similarly punishing moves by the likes of British Gas – those on fixed incomes will find it hard simply to heat their homes this winter.

Equally worrying is the increasing unaffordability of all forms of transport.

Yesterday’s figures from the Office for National Statistics showed air fares have jumped by 12.5 per cent, and petrol and diesel prices are up by 15.1 per cent in the past year.

Rail fares, thanks to a stitch-up between the Government and the train-operating companies, will leap by an average of 8 per cent next year – more in some cases.

For many, the cost of visiting friends, enjoying a holiday, or even journeying to work will soon become prohibitive – sapping the nation’s morale.

Meanwhile, the spiralling cost of transporting goods or travelling for business will further threaten the fragile economic recovery.

Which is why the Mail urges ministers to do what they can to ease the corrosive effects of inflation by halting their politically correct obsession with green energy taxes. As we reveal today, EU emissions directives alone are costing households up to £115 a year – money that is desperately needed elsewhere in the economy.

Experts say that our targets for reducing greenhouse gases – the toughest in the world – will cost Britain £13billion in economic growth. And all at a time when the science of climate change remains shrouded in doubt.

Families are suffering real hardship. Businesses are fighting for their very existence. Ministers must drop their dogma about global warming and give the country a break.

Daily Mail, 17 August 2011


£3 Billion Cost of EU Green Taxes

Daily Mail, 17 August 2011

Households paid up to £115 each last year to fund EU green policies, according to research. Taxpayers met the £3billion bill through ‘stealth taxes’ on household electricity bills passed on by energy compabnies, a book claims.

Matthew Sinclair, author of Let Them Eat Carbon, said: ‘Regulations meant to cut greenhouse gas emissions are adding to energy bills, making it harder for people to make ends meet. It’s vital that we scrap them.’

Figures show the Trading Emissions Scheme, which caps businesses’ carbon emissions, costs UK consumers £1.9billion last year, equivalent to £75 per family.

The Renewables Obligation, under which energy companies have to invest in alternative energy sources, costs £1.1billion, or £40 per home.

These schemes are in addition to [other hidden] green taxes consumers pay in their energy bills.