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Dangerous News & The BBC

Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill

Guido picks up on Joe Smith’s “Dangerous News” paper. This is discussed in my CMEP pamphlet, as it was an important part of the hunt for the truth about the seminars. Guido is understandably outraged…

An academic paper containing evidence from previous seminars shows that “specialists” and BBC bosses admitted their editorial stance could be exaggerating the risks of climate change. An anonymous documentary maker explains: “shots might be set up this way, with the member of the public saying I’m suffering (from global warming) even if the causal link cannot be directly drawn”. According to one media specialist, “on account of the weak understanding of science, there are now instances of coverages that exaggerate the risk of climate change… this is unthinkable in spheres such as economics or politics”. Unbelievably, these unnamed journalists are admitting  exaggerating the risks of climate change.

Read the whole thing, but note that this paper predates the climate change seminar itself.

Bishop Hill, 14 November 2012