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David Cameron Wants To Get ‘Rid’ Of Wind Farms

Peter Dominiczak, The Daily Telegraph

David Cameron wants to go into the next election pledging to “rid” the countryside of onshore wind farms, a source close to the Prime Minister has said.

Mr Cameron wants to toughen planning laws and tear up subsidy rules to make current turbines financially unviable – allowing the Government to “eradicate” turbines, the source said.

The move will delight campaigners in traditional Conservative countryside seats and comes amid a growing Coalition row over whether to try and cap the number of wind farms.

Mr Cameron is now “of one mind” with the Government’s most vociferous opponents of “unsightly” onshore wind turbines, the source added.

The Conservatives could make a manifesto pledge to cap the total number of wind farms, toughen up planning rules to make them harder to build or even lower Government subsidies for turbines, it is understood.

Cutting subsidies would not only reduce the number of planned wind farms but could encourage developers to start “dismantling” turbines built in recent years, the source said.

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