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Dear Washington, Please Give Us Your Shale Gas. Love, Europe

Amy Harder, Clare Foran and Ben Geman, National Journal

Citing economic and national security woes, more than a dozen European nations are ramping up pressure on Washington to open wider its federally restricted spigot of natural-gas exports.

The countries, which primarily include Eastern European nations heavily dependent upon Russia for their energy supplies, are working with a government-affairs firm to launch a lobbying coalition called LNG Allies in the next month with American energy companies.

The impetus behind this coalition has been growing over the last year as European countries have been meeting more and more with top officials in Congress and within the administration to explain why Europe wants American gas so badly.

These countries are running into a web of policy and political hurdles. Current law is restrictive, the politics are tricky and the window of opportunity is not wide. But it’s a delicate debate that will take time nonetheless.

Dear Europe, please be patient! Love, Washington.

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