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Denmark’s Liberal Government To Roll Back Renewable Energy Policy


Denmark’s climate and energy minister warns that the country’s green energy transition has become too expensive and too unpopular.

Danish Climate and Energy Minister Lars Christian Lilleholt (Left Liberal Party) 

The cost of Denmark’s renewable energy policy has been too high, according to Denmark’s climate and energy minister Lars Christian Lilleholt

The minister made the statement in response to a report by the climate and energy ministry to parliament which shows that subsidies for offshore windfarms – which are paid by businesses and citizens via their electricity bills – have increased dramatically compared to what was originally expected.

In an interview with the newspaper Berlingske, the minister said that one had to accept that the price of the green energy transition is too high and that energy bills have to be cut as a result.

One option would be to reassess support for offshore windfarms. Their cost has increased significantly and there is increasing local resistance against them. Cutting subsidies for offshore windfarms could save the public money

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