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Deutsche Bank Puts Its Mouth Where Its Money Is

International financial services heavyweight Deutsche Bank has taken aim at climate change skepticism in a just-released report that catalogs and counters the arguments denying man-made global warming.

The report, titled Climate Change: Addressing the Major Skeptic Arguments, was commissioned by the bank and written by scientists at Columbia University’s Earth Institute.

It lists 12 common claims used to argue against global warming and refutes each of them, pointing readers to corroborating sources. Its point is definitive.

“The paper’s clear conclusion is that the primary claims of the skeptics do not undermine the assertion that human-made climate change is already happening and is a serious long-term threat,” wrote Mark Fulton, the bank’s head of climate change research.

Deutsche Bank is one of the most deeply invested financial institutions in the world in climate change, with more than $5 billion being managed in climate-related funds.

The bank’s asset managers look to put money into climate mitigation and adaptation ventures through private and public equity and infrastructure investment, and Fulton said the bank’s investors and asset managers are the primary audience for the report.

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