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District Council Votes To Ask Government To Abandon CO2 Emission Targets

Press release, 24 October 2011: At its meeting on 24 October members of New Forest District Council passed a motion by 47 votes to 5 which called on the government to abandon the CO2 emissions targets set by the government’s Climate Change Committee, and instead go no further or faster than other Western nations until a world-wide agreement including all major industrial nations has been agreed.

The motion was proposed by Cllr. Derek Tipp who said that the present UK targets were both damaging industry and driving more and more residents into fuel poverty.

“With the UK only emitting 2% of the world’s emissions it is pointless for us to take unilateral action. Increases in emissions by China alone will swamp any cuts we are proposing”, said Cllr.

Tipp, who went on to point out that the serious economic situation makes our rapid reduction targets even more damaging.

The motion was seconded by Cllr. Allan Glass who emphasised his real concern that UK industry would not be able to compete with the extra burden of higher energy costs.

After the vote Cllr. Tipp said he was delighted with the result. “This may be the first time a council has voted on this. It just shows that when the government’s climate policy is examined, it does not stand up to scrutiny. I hope that other councils will now follow our lead and take a close look at this. For the country to be spending over £200 billion on reducing emissions faster than any other nation, when we have such a massive national debt is complete madness”, he said.

For further information contact Cllr. Derek Tipp

Telephone: 023 80292409