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Doha Climate Summit May Push Back 2015 Deadline For Global Deal

John Parnell, RTCC News

The focus on the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol (CP2) at the UN climate change talks in Doha could delay progress on steps towards a 2015 global deal, according to a Costa Rican negotiator.

Securing an extension to Kyoto is a key goal of this round of negotiations, but Monica Araya told RTCC that while she recognised short term ambition for a new period of binding emission reductions under the Protocol was critical, discussions on a new universal deal should continue as well.

These have been placed on the backburner while countries focus on CP2 and resolving issues around the Long term Cooperative Action (LCA) track of talks.

“We are losing sight of how important Durban was in the history of the negotiations. If we don’t have some specifics from this COP on ADP we are going to get into trouble in 2013 because we will run out of time,” said Araya.

“I fear we’re putting ourselves in a position where some countries will say that because we’re running out of time we have to move the 2015 deadline. For my country and for smaller countries that are caught up in megaphone politics by large economies, I think that should be a red line,” said Araya, whose country, Costa Rica, is part of the 27 nation Cartagena group, which pushes for greater ambition at the climate talks.

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