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Donna Laframboise: Green Fantasies, Hard Realities

Donna Laframboise, No Frakking Consensus

In the fantasy world inhabited by green activists, renewable energy sources are the future. If only fossil fuel companies would stop being self-interested, nasty, and mean, everything would be golden. But in the real world, no matter what we try to accomplish, unexpected complications arise.

Over the past few days alone, three important concerns have caught my eye with respect to wind energy. A University of Oslo magazine has published an article titled Windmills at sea can break like matches.

The surprising fact that waves generated by even small storms can destroy turbine columns 8 meters (26 feet) in diameter has mathematicians scratching their heads. Subheadings within that story read as follows:

  • Financial ruin
  • Unfortunate vibrations
  • Unrealistic calculations
  • Difficult mathematics
  • [backup link here]

Then there’s the news article out of Germany titled Wind park building noise ‘can kill porpoises’.

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