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Ed Miliband Brings Back John Prescott As An Adviser On Climate Change

Richard Osley, The Independent on Sunday

The Labour leader, Ed Miliband, has brought John Prescott, a former Labour deputy PM, back to frontline politics by appointing him as an adviser on climate change.

Lord Prescott said that he would work with foreign governments to “raise their ambition”, adding: “We need to work together.”

Mr Miliband said Lord Prescott could help with negotiations ahead of this year’s UN summit on climate change in Paris.

“His abilities and experience, as one of the architects of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, must be used … and there is no one better than John at bashing heads together to get a deal,” said Mr Miliband, writing in The Observer.

He added that recent floods had shown how the issue was now a matter of national security, and warned: “There is a real danger that this great chance to achieve action is going to slip by.”

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