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Ed Miliband: Copenhagen Was Necessary Failure To Successful Climate Treaty In Paris

Sophie Yeo, Responding to Climate Change

The UN’s disastrous summit in Copenhagen was a necessary failure on the road to a successful climate treaty in Paris

Pic: ARCHIVED Department of Energy and Climate Change/Flickr

Pic: ARCHIVED Department of Energy and Climate Change/Flickr 

That’s the view of the UK’s Labour party leader Ed Miliband, who as former climate change secretary led the UK’s delegation to the 2009 conference.

In a passionate address to campaigners at a meeting of the Green Alliance in London last night, Miliband said the environmental movement should demand even more ambition from government on tackling global warming.

“I think that actually Copenhagen goes with the territory of trying to do difficult things. In the history of the struggle for social justice, you always have setbacks along the way,” he said.

“It’s always about ambitions which look ludicrous and don’t get achieved and they take a number of goes along the way to achieve them. If it was easy it wouldn’t be ambitious enough.

“The reason why we have setbacks is because you as a movement were ambitious and we didn’t meet the ambition.

“But the answer is not to lower your ambition the next time round. It’s actually to say, ‘Well, we’ve still got the same ambition and we’re going to keep pushing and keep pushing until we actually succeed.’”

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