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The Sun Warns Boris: Punishing Hard-Working Brits By Hiking Fuel Tax Is A Sure Way To Lose Votes

Editorial, The Sun

Punishing hard-working people for going about their daily business is a sure way to haemorrhage votes.

 Boris Johnson must ignore Dominic Cummings and use his common sense
Boris Johnson must ignore Dominic Cummings and use his common senseCredit: Reuters

For smart city types blessed with excellent transport links, the increase would be a nuisance.

But for the Prime Minister’s new wave of voters who switched to Tory — ordinary grafters living in towns and villages — it’d be downright disastrous.

Everywhere you look, these people are being hammered by the cost of living.

Millions of Brits work hard day and night, yet come home to brown envelopes with yet more demands to pay. Energy bills, council tax, parking costs, phone bills, food bills — up, up, up.

Of course, it’s great that the Government is investing £5billion in bus and cycling routes to make life that bit cheaper for commuters. That’s exactly the sort of policy we’ve been calling for.

But it can’t come at the expense of Britain’s 37 million drivers. On this occasion, Boris must ignore Dominic Cummings and use his common sense.

Whacking voters with a whopping great tax for the privilege of taking their kids to school won’t make him any friends.

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