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The Energy Bill Debate Is Distorted By Climate Contrarians

Bryony Worthington, The Guardian

Ministers give license to those threatening to derail Europe’s efforts to tackle the world’s most difficult environmental problem.

The parliamentary debate on the energy bill resumes in the Lords on Tuesday and is set to be distorted by a small but influential group of global warming contrarians. This group arrogantly believe they have a better understanding of the complicated science of climate change than the vast majority of leading scientists in the field.

David Cameron meanwhile has sadly promoted other members of this reckless gang of deniers to positions of influence. Hence, we briefly had avowed sceptic and hater of windfarms, John Hayes, as energy minister. We still have an environment secretary, Owen Paterson, who declared on the BBC’s Any Questions that climate change was not real, and Michael Gove appears to be systematically removing its teaching from the education syllabus.

The mood in the Conservative party, no doubt influenced by the rise of Ukip, is now so anti-science and irrational, that the new part-time energy minister, Michael Fallon, recently dismissed climate change as “theology”. Small wonder investors in the low-carbon economy are spooked.

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