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Forget Paris: EU Ready To Give Up Climate Pledge For US Trade Deal

Global Warming Policy Forum

According to reports the EU is preparing to negotiate trade agreements with the Trump Administration, abandoning its pledge to only strike trade deals with countries committed to the Paris Agreement.

A committee of the European Parliament on Tuesday endorsed opening talks. Adopted by 21 votes to 17, the resolution by the committee for international trade (INTA) empowers the European Commission to discuss two trade deals, respectively designed to lift tariffs and iron out bureaucratic hurdles between the two blocs. It goes to a full parliamentary vote in mid-March.

The move flies in the face of European moves to integrate trade and climate action. In July 2018, the European Parliament backed a non-binding resolution to “make ratification and implementation of the Paris Agreement a condition for future trade agreements”.

Amid US threats to slap tariffs on European car imports, however, the committee overruled climate concerns to press ahead with US talks.

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