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Europe Admits Inconvenient Truths: “Climate Change Has Become A Fringe Issue…Shale Gas Offers Hope”

P. Gosslin, No Tricks Zone

If there ever was a sign that the issue of climate change is struggling with irrelevance in Europe, and thus has lost its global leadership force, it can be found in this candid (frustrated) view expressed in the Austrian STANDARD: “Disinterest in Climate Change” by Eric Frey.

“Despite Sandy, global warming is a fringe issue in the USA – unfortunately also for Europe.”

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, Europeans were quick to scorn America for its lack of interest in protecting the climate. Many blamed the storm on CO2 emissions. Europeans were angered by and indignant at the fact that the issue had not been worth mentioning once during the presidential campaign.

But as Eric Frey of the Austrian Standard writes: Europeans ought to first look at home before criticizing others abroad.

He writes:

Before Europeans express too much outrage over the Americans, they should look at what’s going on at their own doorstep instead. Also here interest in climate protection has gone lame. Euro-crisis, recession, unemployment – with such a terrible economic situation, n one is protesting on behalf of the environment. […]  Emissions trading has no teeth, as certificates cost next to nothing.

Climate protection has no lobby. Even the greens no longer consider it a core issue. […] Thus the upcoming climate conference in Qatar will achieve no progress. The price will be paid by millions of people on all continents – in New Jersey as in Africa. […] The only hope lies in a surprsing technological breakthrough. Ironically, the best news for climate protection comes from the USA: The increasing production of shale gas is replacing dirty coal and is allowing America’s CO2 emissions to fall. That may bring some relief, but it is certainly not a solution.”

There’s nothing else to add.

No Tricks Zone, 4 November 2012