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Europe: Green Energy Investors Face Tax On Solar Panels

The Global Warming Policy Foundation

Spain Introduces Solar Panel Tax

Photovoltaic producers will now have to pay a 6% tax on any income they earn from generating solar power, including from feed-in tariffs (FITS).

After nearly 2 months of speculation and negotiation, the Spanish Council of Ministers has approved a raft of measures aimed at reducing the multi-billion euro gap in the country’s public electricity bill, or tariff deficit.

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Belgium Mulls Solar Panel Tax

Belgian companies managing the country’s electricity and natural gas distribution grids (GRD), including Ores and Tecteo, are asking for a tax on solar panels from October 1, to ensure that owners contribute to using the network.

GRD firms intend to submit a request for the introduction of a levy to CREG, the federal regulator of the gas and electricity market, by the end of May.

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Greece Plans Levy For Rooftop Solar Panels

The Environment and Energy Ministry is planning to impose an extraordinary levy on photovoltaic systems on rooftops used for the production of electricity as a result of pressure from the country’s international creditors to bring the electricity market’s deficit down to zero by 2014.

The levy could range between 10 and 15 percent of turnover, but those with low incomes will be exempt.

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