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European Green Deal Risks Breaking EU Apart


The European Green Deal “will definitely create tensions” inside the EU, and risks pushing “two or three countries” to leave the Union altogether, warns former Romanian President Traian Basescu, saying the real priority in Romania is to build new infrastructure like motorways and exploit natural gas resources from the Black Sea.

“The Green Deal will require re-skilling, job losses and investment,” says former Romanian President Traian Basescu, who warns that the €10 billion in EU funding currently envisaged for Romania’s energy transition is “ridiculous”.

Traian Băsescu served for ten years as President of Romania and represented his country at EU summit meetings during that period (2004-2014). He currently sits in the European Parliament as an MEP for the centre-right European Peoples Party (EPP). He answered in writing to EURACTIV’s questions.


* Many EU countries do not have the financial resources required to meet the climate and clean energy objectives of the European Green Deal.

* The EU’s current funding proposal for Romania is “ridiculous,” he says. “With €10 billion, it is impossible to close down the coal energy production in our country”.

* “Our real priorities in Romania is to build infrastructure like motorways” and railways as well as modernising education and the healthcare system.

* Romania “cannot compromise” these infrastructure projects for the Green Deal because they “are a key element” of the country’s development.

* Such “discrepancies between EU and national priorities are likely to generate huge tensions inside the EU, which could lead to some countries considering the possibility of leaving the Union altogether.”

* “It is only when we have more clarity and analyse the impact of the Green Deal on our economy that we will see whether the EU will remain united or will lose two or three members.”

* “ExxonMobil and Lukoil are ready to exploit gas deposits” in the Black Sea, which Băsescu says will be essential to replace Romania’s coal power plants: “Without investing in its own gas projects, it will be impossible for Romania and other Member States to meet the new European carbon emissions targets.”

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