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Europe’s Heat Wave Non-Disaster: French 2019 Soft Wheat Crop 2nd Largest In History

Business Recorder

PARIS: Farmers in France, the European Union’s largest grain producer, will harvest their second largest soft wheat crop in history this year at 39.17 million tonnes, as a record-breaking heatwave failed to hurt yields, consultancy Agritel said on Tuesday.

That would be up 14.9% from last year’s weather-hit crop.

Agritel projected the national yield of the ongoing harvest at 7.82 tonnes per hectare, 12% above last year’s poor crop and 7.5% above the average of the past five years when excluding the exceptionally high and low harvests in 2015 and 2016.

“Although the harvest is not fully over in the regions near the Channel, reported yields remain particularly good, completely wiping out concerns of an impact of the end-of-cycle heatwave on grain filling,” Agritel Director General Michel Portier said in a statement.

The area sown also rose, up 2.66% to 5 million hectares, its highest level in three years, Agritel said.

Trade and producer estimates for the French crop have risen regularly in the past weeks as results from the harvest showed good yields in most parts of the country.

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