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Extinction Rebellion To Hold Cambridge Hostage Until Demands Are Met

Gaia Fawkes

Extinction Rebellion is threatening to “will bring the city to a halt with a week-long roadblock” if the City refuses to meet its demands on climate and social justice.

Extinction Rebellion is threatening to “bring [Cambridge] to a halt” unless the city’s elected politicians hand over “significant decision-making powers and a binding mandate” to an unelected “citizens assembly”Guido is pretty sure there is a word for people who use threaten people’s way of life to achieve political ends…

The rigged ‘citizens assembly‘ Extinction Rebellion is demanding would “exclude those who directly profit from the exploitation of workers, the Global South, or natural resources.” This would replace the functions of the elected city council. Extinction Rebellion would do well to realise there are local elections in just a few months time. It seems they’ve decided that launching a coup is easier than actually, you know, winning an election…

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