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Fake News Alert: UK and US Media Blame Alleged Green Energy Disaster On ‘Fracking’

Nature, Science & The Guardian

A magnitude-5.4 earthquake that struck the South Korean city of Pohang on 15 November 2017 was probably triggered by an experimental geothermal power plant injecting water a few kilometres underground, a research team reports. A second independent analysis also finds the plant’s involvement to be plausible.

The pair of studies, published online on 26 April in Science, heighten scrutiny of the potential role of the geothermal plant in the quake, which was South Korea’s second-strongest since observations began in 1978 and the most destructive ever recorded in the country. Eighty-two people were injured and more than 200 homes were seriously damaged.

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[…] In the past decade, states such as Oklahoma have seen a spike in induced earthquakes, because of the injection of wastewater from hydraulic fracturing operations. However, unlike the fracking operations, the water from enhanced geothermal power does not stay underground or cause a long-term buildup of pressure. That has prompted some scientists to base earthquake risk assessments for geothermal operations largely on how the wells are operated, including the amount or rate of liquid injected. […]


Fracking may have caused South Korean earthquake – study

Researchers analysed data from November quake and found main shock occurred near fracking site

The Guardian, 27 April 2018

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Fracking Might Have Led To 5.5 Magnitude Earthquake That Injured Nearly 100 People: Study

Newsweek, 26 April 2018

Fracking may have led to one of the most powerful earthquakes to strike South Korea since records began, scientists believe. On November 15, 2017, a 5.5 magnitude earthquake rocked the city of Pohang. The quake and its aftershocks injured at least 82 people and damaged thousands of buildings at a cost in the tens of millions of dollars…..