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Corona Crisis: Federation Of German Industry Calls On EU To Review Unilateral 2030 Climate Goals

Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V.

‘EU restart needs globally comparable ambitions in climate protection’

In a statement, Holger Lösch, deputy general manager of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), comments on the 11th Petersberg Climate Dialogue:

It is right and important that the Petersberg Climate Dialogue deals extensively with the topic of climate finance. The restart of the global economy after the Corona crisis needs globally comparable ambitions in climate protection. The political tendencies against cooperative and multilateral action must not increase any further.

German industry is sticking to the EU’s 2050 goal of climate neutrality. The interim climate goals for 2030 urgently need to be put to the test due to the changed economic situation.

State budgets, company balance sheets and private households will have considerably less scope for investments of all kinds in the future. Therefore, the EU Green Deal must become a Smart Deal, in which growth, employment and ambitious climate protection goals are linked as efficiently as possible through an intelligent investment and relief package.

Building renovation, digitalization, energy efficiency, circular economy and, in particular, hydrogen and CO2-neutral fuels could be fields in which there is a good chance of sustainable growth with the intelligent use of the remaining capital. “

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