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Forget Kyoto: Japan’s CO2 Emissions Rise On Return To Coal Power

Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Japan’s greenhouse gas emissions rose 1.2 percent in fiscal 2013 amid an increase in consumption of coal for power generation, the Ministry of the Environment said Tuesday in a report.

Emissions of carbon dioxide rose 9.9 percent in the commercial sector, which includes office buildings, hotels and stores, as their consumption of electricity and oil products increased, according to the ministry. Other sectors such as industries, transport and residential saw their CO2 emissions drop. Carbon dioxide accounts for more than 90 percent of greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse gas emissions totaled 1,408 million tons in fiscal 2013, the highest level since a record 1,412 million tons in fiscal 2007, the ministry said, revising preliminary figures announced in December.

Japan’s emission cut target is a 3.8 percent reduction by 2020 from 2005 levels. Emissions in fiscal 2013 were 10.8 percent higher compared with 1990 levels and 0.8 percent higher than 2005 levels, the ministry said.

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