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Forget Trump: European Commission Awarded ‘Fossil of the Day Award’ For Watering Down Climate Policies

Blue & Green Tomorrow

The Commission was given the award for the inconsistency between its rhetoric at the international climate negotiations and failure to walk the talk at home while preparing the future EU energy legislation.

On 30 November, just a few days after COP22 finishes, the European Commission will publish its so-called ‘winter package’ consisting of eight legislative proposals. This includes a revision of the Renewable Energy Directive, the Energy Efficiency Directive and the rules designing the European electricity market.

Draft documents which were leaked yesterday indicate that the EU, in stark contradiction to the objectives of the Paris Agreement, is planning to water down its energy policies after 2020. National binding renewable energy targets come to an end in 2020 and the EU level target for 2030 of 27% is hardly any higher than the 24% that is predicted to happen anyway. Renewables would also lose the right to get priority over other, polluting energy sources in terms of access to the European electricity grids. At the same time the proposals keeps the gate open for Member States to subsidise the use of coal for power generation under the guise of so called capacity mechanisms.

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