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Frederick Forsyth: Eco-Warriors Are Going To Plunge Britain Into Darkness

Frederick Forsyth, Daily Express

For years our national energy policy has been utterly dominated by fanatics of the “sustainable energy” campaign.

Hundreds of billions of pounds of our money have been hurled at the builders of solar panels and mainly of wind farms.

Critics of this policy have been heaped with abuse. Provable facts have been dumped like garbage in a landfill.

Just a week ago the lights very nearly went out as the traditionalists were proved right.

“Last resort” measures had to be invoked to provide us with the levels needed in the National Grid to keep the lights on as dusk descended.

This was because several of our last remaining coal-fired generators – old, decrepit from lack of funds and still doing their best – broke down together.

The switch was to the mega-expensive wind-power sector. How did it perform? Well our 6,500 onshore and offshore wind turbines just managed to provide one per cent of what we needed. Why?

Because the wind wasn’t blowing, which is exactly what it tends not to do in winter, the time of greatest need. And the solar panels?

They provided nothing because it was night and the sun wasn’t shining. The faltering bulbs managed however to provide enough light for the committees meeting to discuss the new nuclear energy we will (may) get one day.

I refer to the Hinkley Point power station. Critics (officially mocked like those who foresaw the wind farm disaster) point out the reactor design is decrepit and flawed, apart from being staggeringly expensive.

There is a smaller, more efficient type which the South Koreans have just delivered on time and at a fraction of the price of the French/Chinese creature.

Why are we not choosing it? That would be efficient government which, alas, we do not have. And a sidebar gem on this subject.

For years the eco-wailers have been telling us the Antarctic ice cap is diminishing due to global warming. We have been shown pictures of stranded polar bears.

Now Nasa scientists are reporting the Antarctic cap is actually getting bigger. So also is the con trick being perpetrated daily on the taxpayer

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