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French President Calls For Environmental ‘Security Council’


French President Francois Hollande called Monday for the creation of an “environmental security council” to verify and enforce measures to be adopted at a year-end UN climate summit.

“I hope that binding measures emerge from the agreement in Paris,” meant to curb dangerous levels of global warming, he told a scientific gathering in the French capital.

France will host the November 30-December 11 UN meeting tasked with forging a global climate pact.

“But who will verify, who will judge if these measures are being applied correctly?” Hollande said.

“So the next step is to have an organisation in the form of an environmental security council.”

The role of such a council would be to tell countries deviating from their carbon-curbing commitments: “This is not acceptable, your behaviour is dangerous,” Hollande said.

Such a body could also be tasked with enforcing decisions taken at the Paris summit.

“This also means: what sanctions will we apply when the behaviour of a country or a group, industrial or other… disrupts what we ourselves have decided?” he said.

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