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Fridays For Hubraum: Germany’s Facebook Sensation

Dirk Maxeiner, Achse des Guten

“Our group would like to counteract the out-of-control climate madness with fun.”

Yesterday a colleague called me and drew my attention to a “bizarre” movement.

“The Ruhrbarons report about a Facebook group called Fridays for Hubraum” (piston displacement). As an avowed lover of engine humming, I liked the name immediately. The Ruhrbarons reported:

Many new outlets may get excited about Fridays for Future, yet on Facebook the Petrolheads are ahead. The Facebook group Fridays for Hubraum, founded on September 22nd, managed to playfully pass their ecologically correct counterpart Fridays for Future with 74,484 members to 74,102 followers within a few days, and they added: “The fun of cars with a lot of cubic capacity is in the foreground, those who don’t tolerate Greta jokes should avoid the group”.

The latter can be understood as a warning or as a recommendation, most people apparently understood it as a recommendation. This morning author Gunter Weißgerber wrote to me, as a country dweller urgently dependent on some cubic capacity in front of the log cabin:

I am a member of Fridays For Hubraum. Fine creamDiesel fillet so to speak”. And he reported: “Since two days there is the Facebookgroup Fridays For Hubraum short FFH. Currently this group has 228 700 members”.

As of 9 o’clock this morning, there are already 263,000 members, which is several times the number of Greta followers. And this despite the fact that the site has meanwhile been converted into a closed Facebook group, which slows down the growth, otherwise it would be even more. This was done because, of course, a lot of idiots want to sit on something like this and with stubbornness and resentment only achieve that this no longer tender little plant is immediately introduced to the parking lot to the right of Genghis Khan (Running a combustion engine without a bad conscience is already a proof of right mind anyway).

LZ-Online writes about the Facebook shooting star:

The demands of the Fridays-for-Future movement are not well received by everyone. Not least car drivers feel threatened in their freedom – after all, the protests of climate activists could lead to massive restrictions on their freedom. On Facebook, the opponents of the youth movement are now trying to counteract and have set up their own Facebook group to do so. Their name: Fridays for Hubraum (displacement). Their goal: to have more members than the official Facebook page of Fridays for Future Germany in as short a time as possible”.

And they have succeeded in doing so. The administrators of the group write:

We are more! First goal is to get more members than “Fridays for Future Germany. This group would like to counteract the out-of-control climate madness with fun. Climate change has existed since the Earth’s history. We cannot save the world in Germany at the expense of thousands of jobs. The environment should protect however everyone as well as he can. Please be nice in this group”.

The gigantic echo on this action teaches equal several things. Those, who pay taxes in this country, drive daily to work and mostly with the car, are tired of being shown everywhere as suspended fools and climatic sinners. The tone in this country is now set by tiny groups of people who contribute zero to value creation and 100 percent to word creation. And nobody opposes this tyranny of convictions. On the contrary. Most media feel part of the movement. Only when the last car advertisement fails to appear will they realise that no industrial country can be operated with ethics of conviction. The car industry has long been willing to jump over every little stick of an electric car that you hold out to it. And the ADAC runs the risk of being confused with the Allgemeinen Deutschen Fahrradclub.

In France, a similar situation gave rise to the yellow vests. And also in Germany protest and rebellion are looking for new ways. What pleases me most about “Fridays for Hubraum” is the humour and self-irony that are already in the name. On “Fridays for Hubraum” you can read what works best on Facebook: mockery. You just have to laugh away the insanity. One user posts the video of several tractors emitting enormous clouds of smoke – another makes fun of the youth who “can’t even start a lawnmower”.

Humour has always been the sharpest weapon of doubt and makes it difficult for political opponents to swing the moral cudgel, because they run the risk of getting themselves hurt. And above all: humour is connectable for everyone. Most people who no longer feel represented by current politics and the published opinion are by no means dumb-heads, but open-minded people who stand in the middle of life and are the first to feel the effects of insane political campaigns. “Fridays for Hubraum” is a sign in this respect. I don’t want to overestimate that, but it’s a little throat clearing of an elephant that’s been in the room for some time.

Also in Germany the longing for an opposition, which one can join as reasonable people, is huge. This longing will find ways, which ways do I not know, because such things often depend on coincidences and unforeseen events. But when the time comes, it will happen very quickly. In climate science people like to talk about so-called “tilting points”. This means that a complex system that seems stable for a very long time suddenly and very quickly starts to slip. And the same applies to the political climate.

Addendum on 25 September at 18:15: The number of members now stands at 394,349.

Addendum on 25 September at 19:08: Fimico reports: “Fridays for Hubraum” was archived today with nearly 400,000 members in only three days by an own administrator. This can be a temporary procedure. It was not Facebook that intervened, but the participants themselves closed the group for the time being. According to our editorial observations, several 10,000 new members have joined the group in recent hours. After the group had experienced a wide-ranging media echo and a huge rush in the past three days, it is reasonable to assume that the group of administrators will first consider how to deal with this.”

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