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Friends of the Earth Reported To Charity Commission Over Shale-Cancer Claims

Steve Hawkes, Sun Nation

Furious frackers are referring Friends of the Earth to charity regulators for claiming the Government-backed shale gas revolution “could cause cancer”.

The boss of fracking firm Cuadrilla is calling on the Charity Commission to put a stop to the “wilfully misleading” and “scaremongering” claims in fundraising material pumped out by FoE.

The Advertising Standards Authority is also being asked to block the claims.


It comes three weeks after Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom declared war on eco campaigners peddling “untrue scare stories”.

In leaflets distributed over the last week, FoE urges Brits to donate to its campaign to helping protect communities from fracking.

It claims fracking involves “pumping millions of tonnes of litres of water containing a toxic cocktail of chemicals” deep underground.


An excerpt from the Friends of the Earth leaflet (Friends of the Earth)
An excerpt from the Friends of the Earth leaflet (Friends of the Earth)

FoE goes onto claim the chemicals can end up in drinking water and that “studies have shown 25 per cent of fracking chemicals could cause cancer”.

Cuadrilla chief executive Francis Egan told the Sun: “It is irresponsible and shameful that a charity such as Friends of the Earth should use misleading and scaremongering statements to encourage members to part with their hard earned money.

“The leaflet appears to be wilfully misleading.”


He added: “Friends of the Earth must know perfectly well that the UK Environment Agency would never permit the use of a ‘toxic cocktail of chemicals’ in UK fracking fluid and Cuadrilla has no intention of doing so.”

“Furthermore there is no credible scientific evidence that the non-hazardous chemicals proposed for use in Cuadrilla’s UK fracking fluid having caused cancer or any other human disease.”

FoE and Greenpeace are fighting a huge campaign to kill off fracking at birth.

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