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Frost ridicules DESNZ renewables cost estimates

Lord Frost ridicules Whitehall renewables cost estimates

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Frost ridicules DESNZ renewables cost estimates

Lord Frost has called on ministers and civil servants to come clean about the cost of wind power, echoing last week’s statement by Lord Hammond. Frost’s comments come after new renewables cost estimates from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero were widely ridiculed on social media.

Lord Frost said:

Whitehall continues to obfuscate about the true costs of wind power. This time round we are supposed to believe it will get cheaper either because winds in the  North Sea will conveniently grow in strength or windfarms will suddenly become at least 50% more efficient. It’s time the government produced fair comparable figures for the costs of different energy so we have a proper basis for a rational policy discussion.”

Offshore wind is central to the Government’s Net Zero plans, which will be unaffordable without very cheap renewable energy.

Net Zero Watch director Andrew Montford said:

People are openly calling these new figures lies. It’s clear that the green bureaucrats are trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes. It’s so transparent as to be laughable. Grant Shapps needs to get a grip his department.”

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