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German Government Bill Threatens Renewable Energy Revolution, Green Lobby Warns

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The draft reform bill of the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) submitted by the German government on Thursday massively curtails the green energy transition, the Renewable Energy Federation (BEE) has warned.

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Five years after Fukushima and only a few months after the Paris climate change agreement, the German government is threatening a massive rollback in climate change policy. The BEE as a key association of climate-friendly energy is calling on the German Bundestag and the federal states, to significantly change the bill in the next few weeks.

Otherwise, the pledges made in Paris about climate protection are not worth the paper on which the German government signed the agreement.

According to the BEE, tens of thousands of jobs, especially in the wind and solar industry, are facing disaster.

“This bill by the Federal Minister of Economics will cap the expansion of renewable energy in electricity generation to a maximum of 45% by 2025,” said BEE President Fritz Brickwedde.

The development of bioenergy and photovoltaics was severely curtailed in recent EEG reforms in 2012 and 2014; now the new reform threatens to end support for onshore wind energy.

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