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German Neo-Nazis Infiltrating Green And Climate Movements

Some of us may have had suspicions in the past. Now it’s confirmed – some parts of the green/climate movement are so radical that they are now attracting neo-Nazis and extremists.

The online German leftist paper TAZ has come out with an article that describes a disturbing phenomena, namely: the green movement is being infiltrated by these psychos. The TAZ piece is titled: Nazis against coal.

The TAZ opens with:

Green. That’s the color that is inseparably linked to the environmental movement. But behind the appearance that there are lots of left-wing folks behind it, there are often ‘brown environmentalists’ who spread their extreme right wing ideas via their environmental friendliness. A new report by the Heinrich-Böll Foundation now shows that environmental initiatives are being ever more frequently infiltrated by Neonazis.”

Don’t get mad at me, I’m just the messenger. I don’t want to label the true green movement and environmentalists as brown by no means. But sometimes you have to admit that some of the features of the radical climate movement are strikingly similar. The most radical among them want to 10-10 the climate science skeptics, depopulate the planet down to less than a billion people, and dictate to the rest of the world how to live.

The 6 Heinrich-Böll Foundation authors of the 112-page book titled Brown Environmentalists examined extreme right activities within the environmental spectrum in the Mecklenburg region of East Germany. Unfortunately the book is not available in English. The activities included nationalistic protests against Polish plans to build nuclear power plants and extreme right wing parties providing legal advice on environmental issues. Makes you wonder who funds who.

Anti Americanism – protect the homeland!

The Heinrich Boll Foundation is concerned that organic food farmers in the far eastern part of Germany are taking on ultra right wing behaviours and so advises organic shops and individuals to “closely examine the backgrounds of organic farmers who they buy from.” The green brown radicals also were the first to appear at the founding of a citizens initiative called “Say no to coal!” in the town of Lübtheen in 2005. Hey, I wonder if Hansen attended that coal protest.

Apparently Udo Pastörs, a honcho in the quite brown NPD party led a protest against the American coal corporation with the intention of spreading radical anti-Americanism.

This ought not be a surprise. Indeed much of the green agenda is aimed against American ideals, and thus it is little wonder that it appeals broadly to haters of Americans. And how often have we heard radical warmists and environmentalists refer to the human race as parasites? That’s only one step away from picking up a spray can of Raid. There are things they seem to have in common. My suggestion to true greens is that you really ought to tone down the rhetoric against those who do not agree with you. Just look at the company you’re getting. It’s disgusting.

The organic farmers mentioned above have roots that go back a long time. Back in the 1920s in Koppelow near Krakow the Volks Nationalistic Movement of the so-called Artamanen started their grand settlement project. Among the Artamanen were the infamous Nazis Heinrich Himmler and Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höß. According to the TAZ report, extreme right wing ecological movements have their roots long before the 68 generation, and are focused on defending the homeland and preserving the environment.

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