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The German media today are reporting on the decision by Germany’s upper house of parliament, the Bundesrat, to reject a proposal to capture and sequester carbon dioxide emitted by power plants by pumping it into the ground. This rejection is a major setback for climate hero Angela Merkel and her silly plans to control GHG emissions.

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Merkel’s government was hoping to compress, liquefy and store millions of tons of CO2 underground in a bid “to rescue the planet from “dangerous climate change” at a cost of billions to consumers (CCS is estimated to cost about ($30/ton). Indeed many of Germany’s politicians view the dumping of billions of euros into the ground to lower the global temperature by a few ten thousandths of a degree as a wise investment.

The truth is that many are involved in sweetheart deals with special interests and stand to make a killing. Unfortunately the Bundesrat, stirred by activists, thought the scheme was technically “too dangerous”. Just call it one stupidity killing another. But we’ll take a good decision any way we can – even if it is based on the wrong reasons.

Another reason the draft law was slapped down was because of a clause allowing individual German states to prevent CCS facilities from being built, thus enabling them to shirk their responsibilities.

As bad as nuclear energy!

Environmental kook groups like Greenpeace have been leading the protest against the CCS process, claiming dangerous CO2 “poison gas” poses “incalculable risks” and could explode or contaminate groundwater. Germany’s English-language The Localwrites there are “fears of possible explosion-like uncontrolled emissions of the gas” and that “pressurised carbon dioxide storage underground was like nuclear power in that it was uncontrollable and not possible to secure.”

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