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German Wind Energy On The Verge Of Collapse

No Tricks Zone

Despite the German government’s renewed commitment to meeting its CO2 emissions target by expanding wind energy, online weekly FOCUS reports that wind energy appears to be on the verge of collapse and that “German climate targets are in danger.”

Lowest activity since ‘Energiewende’ began in 2000

FOCUS cites wind industry officials who say that the building of wind parks has reached the lowest point in 20 years. The industry associations are calling on the government to take action and for approval procedures for wind farms to be simplified and acceptance by residents increased.

Falling acceptance

Many German states have imposed strict setback rules to keep wind parks away from residential areas. For example, the 10H rules is in effect in Bavaria. Here, a wind turbines cannot be located near residents  at a distance that is closer than 10 times its height, making many wind projects in the south German state impossible.  The industry is pressuring governments to soften the rules.

Yet an online poll conducted by FOCUS shows that almost two thirds of respondents are not in favor or are undecided on reducing setback distances.

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