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German Wind Industry Faces Extinction

P Gosselin, No Tricks Zone

Germany is seeing ever increasing resistance to wind energy projects while the wind industry faces an existential crisis.

German wind industry losing its shine, seeing growing resistance. Photo: Pierre Gosselin

Behind the mounting resistance are hundreds of anti-wind farm citizens’ initiatives across the country, stricter rules for wind projects and powerful anti-wind bureaucrats now heading key government positions.

According to,(Energy the new German draft laws are also calling on wind farm operators “to participate in the costs of grid expansion”, a costly requirement that wind energy proponents say “could ruin the wind energy industry”.

Actions in the Ministry of Economics show: This is being done deliberately.”

Wind running up against fierce citizens’ opposition

Once welcome with open arms by citizens in Europe, wind projects today are being met with fierce opposition as citizens have come to realize how wind parks horrendously blight the landscape, threaten endangered species, produce unhealthy infrasound and generate electricity only sporadically.

Actions speaking louder than words

While the German CDU/CSU/SPD grand coalition government openly preaches the virtues of changing over to green energies like wind and sun and that they are the future, their actions and proposals in reality speak tell us the opposite. The German government indeed seems to be ending the free ride that wind energy has enjoyed for more than 2 decades. reports that the planned grid expansion participation regulation “could stifle the construction of new wind turbines in overloaded power grids such as those in northern Germany” and “would lead to incalculable costs for wind farm operators.”

Onshore wind parks are looking less attractive than ever.

Anti-wind citizens groups now a formidable force

Once ridiculed and often ignored, citizens’ initiatives against wind projects now “have great influence up to the highest circles” of federal ministries, acknowledges.

Wind energy proponent attacks the citizen initiatives, claiming their arguments “are often put forward under the guise of environmental protection.” then even claims wind turbines in fact protect species and the environment: “In addition, there is climate change, which severely disrupts and destroys the environment of the animals. The expansion of wind power would bring positive benefits here.”

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