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The German industry has lashed out against a plan by the European Commission to boost Europe’s climate protection efforts.

Germany’s two biggest industry associations said they are against boosting the European Union’s carbon dioxide emissions reduction target from 20 percent to 30 percent compared to 1990 levels.

“The German industry — probably like no other in the world — commits itself to climate protection,” Werner Schnappauf, the head of the German BDI industry association, told Tuesday’s Berliner Zeitung newspaper. “However, the BDI strongly opposes a unilateral tightening of the EU climate targets.”

Martin Wansleben, the head of the DIHK industry association added that Europe “can’t afford costly solo attempts.”

The EU has committed itself to reduce its CO2 levels by 20 percent until 2020 and boosted that target to 30 percent if the world’s other major emitters — the United States and leading emerging economies such as India and China — come together for a binding climate protection deal.

Such a deal failed to emerge from a U.N. climate summit in Denmark last year and it looks unlikely to be drafted this December when world nations meet again in Cancun, Mexico.

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