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Germany Won’t Exit Coal Before 2040, Finance Minister Says

Diarmaid Williams, Power Engineering

Germany’s economy minister says his country will not be phasing out brown coal before 2040, as the government looks to ways to ensure minimisation of job losses in coal regions.

Sigmar Gabriel told a conference in Berlin, “It will on no account be switched off in the next decade – in my opinion not even in the one after that.”

This reinforces the message coming from the government in early summer. In June Berlin distanced itself from initial proposals to set out a timetable to exit coal-fired power production “well before 2050” as part of a national climate action plan.

Now it plans to set up a committee for climate protection and structural change that will deal with how to exit brown coal production while ensuring jobs for the affected regions. 

The committee will be asked to come up with proposals by 2018.

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